Is it better to get a spinal or epidural anesthesia in labor?

Epidural. An epidural can last longer and can be titrated to a specific patient's need. A spinal is a single shot that may not last for the whole labor. With an epidural you will still be able to push, but with a spinal you will not be able to.
Epidural anesthesia. Spinal anesthesia during labor using one shot technique. Most experts recommend epidural anesthesia because it is continuously adjusted to the degree of pain of different stages of labor and if Cesarian Section is indicated then it is very convenient to top up the local anesthetic and patient will have a very safe operation and she is awake to see baby coming out.
Epidural. For labor a combined spinal-epidural (cse) anesthetic is currently the standard of care. This is best administered by an anesthesia doctor.
Epidural. For labor pain epidural is better because you can push when time comes for delivery. Spinal is usually done when you are getting a caeserian section where you dont need to push.