If you have had total knee replacement surgery what should you expect after?

Physical therapy. The post surgery rehabilitation is as important as the surgery itself. It is important to regain range of motion early to avoid the development of scar tissue which will impede further progress. Once this has been done, the knee can be strengthened. Post knee replacement rehab can be done in the inpatient and outpatient setting. Expect about a 3 month recovery period.
Slow recovery. Your pain will improve slowly over months. The first two weeks are the toughest for everyone. Walker for 2-4 weeks then a cane and that is usually done by 6 weeks. Some go back to work at 4-8 weeks. Formal therapy for 6-12 weeks. Pain varies. Narcotics usually for 3-12 weeks. Most activity by 12 weeks but stiff with little aches for months. 12-18 months for complete recovery. Great relief at end.