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How can drinking milk for a lactose intolerant person cause severe muscle and nerve pain from the shoulder and back down to the leg into the ankle?

It shouldn't, The type of pain that you are describing is not typical of problems due to lactose intolerance. The description that you give lends more toward an orthopedic, perhaps a back problem, or a neurologic cause. I would recommend a check up by your doctor or by an orthopedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon. Good luck.

What happens if your slightly lactose intolerant, can you cure it by drinking more milk?

Lactose Intolerance. Lactose intolerance is due to inability to produce sufficient enzyme, lactase, to digest lactose, a sugar. You can not induce production of enzyme by drinking more. Therefore, it is recommended that you take supplemental aid like lactaid which does exactly that. Here is more info on this condition: http://www. Laendo. Net/english/lactose-intolerance-31309766.

I'm not lactose intolerant but I stopped drinking milk for maybe month or so. Now when I drink milk I get grossed out real bad but I don't get sick y?

Not sure but... Many feel milk is appropriate for young children, but no other species drinks milk when mature. There are sound reasons from a health perspective to reduce dairy in your diet. The fact that milk grosses you out suggests that some part of you recognizes it is best avoided-see http://www. Pcrm. Org/health/diets/vegdiets/health-concerns-about-dairy-products if you do have dairy choose organic!

Can drinking milk while being lactose intolerant cause weight loss?

Yes. Yes drinking milk with lactose intolerance, there is some malabsorption of milk, this could cause some weight loss, because of nausea vomiting or diarrhea as symptoms. It is unusual for lactose intolerance to cause weight loss.

Am lactose intolerant-have to limit dairy. However, my stomach hurts the same amount when drinking ALT to milk vs reg milk. Could it be something else?

Maybe also IBS. An estimated one-fourth of patients with irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) also are lactose intolerant. Unpleasant symptoms, such as bloating, gas, diarrhea or constipation can result from irritable bowel syndrome as well as lactose intolerance. Eating smaller meals, reducing stress and avoiding foods known to irritate the stomach lining, such as rye, barley, caffeine and/or alcohol. Consult doctor.
See below... Lactose intolerance can be seen in association with a number of other GI diseases. A commonly overlooked one is the association of lactose intolerance and celiac disease. Consider discussing celiac testing with your doctor to see if it might be appropriate with your symptoms.

How does it feel to be lactose intolerant hi I have been drinking lots of milk latley and afterwards I get the worst stomach aches do you think that means I could be lactose intolerant?

Lactose. Lactose intolerance is the lack of an intestinal enzyme called lactase and is the inability to digest lactose - the sugar found in milk and other dairy products. Babies are born with the lactase enzyme and most lactose intolerance does not occur until age 3 or older if at all. As people age, they can lose the lactase enzyme. Symptoms can be bloating, cramps, diarrhea, nausea and poor growth in children. Some races such as asians and african americans are more susceptable to lactose intolerance than caucasians. A pretty good way to tell whether you are lactose intolerant is to stop eating dairy and see if your symptoms improve. Then, restart eating dairy and see if they return. If you enjoy milk and other dairy, you can try using "lactaid" products that already have the lactose component broken down or there are lactase supplements you can take prior to eating dairy.
Possibly. But lactose intolerant people not only have stomach pain after eating dairy products, they also experience severe diarrhea. If you have a feeling that you might be lactose intolerant please see a doctor for an official diagnosis and possible guidelines for treatment.

What OTC med can I take to get rid of stomach cramping from drinking milk? (lactose intolerant) using heating pad on my stomach but pain is still bad

Not much. Lactaid pills need to be taken with the first sip/bite of the milk product otherwise the GI side effects are already set in motion and you will simply need to ride it out.