I have a bad cough, what can I do?

Find out why. There are many potential causes of cough, and each cause has a different treatment. Find out why you have the cough. See your physician this week.
Fluids, expectorants. Mucinex (guaifenesin) and fluids can help break up the secretions. Dm syrups can suppress. Avoid drying antihistamines! they make it worse. This could happen from a viral bronchitis type infection, probably the commonest cause, or, if you aren't sick and it happens frequently after certain exposures, you could have allergic asthma. Cough is very often the main symptom of asthma, not wheezing. Get checked soon.

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The ER said I had upper respitory infection. They didn't give me meds or perscription. I have this bad cough what can I do?

OVER THE COUNTER MED. You have a bad cold. Take over the counter decongestant such as pseudephedrine if you still have nasal congestion. Take an anti-tussive such as Robitussin dm. Take cough lozenges for a sore throat. This is a viral infection. Antibiotics will not help it. It will resolve in 7 days. The dry cough may persist at night for afew weeks. Read more...