How many mg of topamax (topiramate) is good for migraines?

100 mg. 100 mg daily is the typical dose for adults with an efficacy of 50% in reducing migraine days by 50% or more.

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Why topiramate is good in migraine prevention?

Because it works. Most good medicines just seem to work and then we try to figure out why. That is what happened with topiramate. Migraine has a significant brain involvement that seems to respond to seizure medications. However, low doses work well for migraine that would not work for seizures. If it helps without significant side effect - why not use it.

What is an anticonvulsant for migraine prophylaxis that is good about not causing cognitive deficits. On week two tapering off topamax (topiramate) now.?

Consider. Depakote, which is males, is indeed well tolerated and lacks the cognitive issues of "dope-amax". However, might consider otc preps such as co-q10, feverfew, butterbur, or riboflavin, also.

Severe daily headache+migraine. On Elavil, topamax, (topiramate) acebutolol. Good BP. Clean CT. Good blood panel (+thyroid) No triggers. No rebound Any options?

Soft tissue injury. 26 y male with headaches resistant to dx and Rx. Muscle tension HA's can cause. Check for asymmetry of mass and tone of superior traps. Head usually slightly tilts to side of the weakest and less toned superior trapezius. Concern for remote shoulder injury on weak muscle side wherein chronic pain resides.

What's the best option for treating a severe migraine while on topiramate 100mg po bid?

Many options. Topamax (topiramate) might not be the best way to go if there is a chance you can get pregnant (we now know there is increased risk of birth defects). As I neurologist I take a lot of things into consideration. Triptans can be taken with some restrictions. Caffeine can work to stop a migraine but many people end up addicted and have rebound headaches. Midrin is no longer sold but can be compounded (ask).

My topamax (topiramate) for migraine causes numbness in my feet, what helps?

See details. Topamax (topiramate) needs to be taken regularly to help prevent migraines. The numbness is fairly common and can improve or resolve even with continued use of topamax (topiramate). The only other options are to reduce the topamax (topiramate) dose or stop it completely.

What experience has anyone had with topamax (topiramate) for migraine?

Very effective. Topamax (topiramate) has been very effective for many of my patients. Some patients have complained of cognitive side effects such as speech disturbance and others such as weight loss.

Migraine for 4 days meds not working what do I do? On topamax (topiramate)

Need an abortive med. There are two categories of medications for migraines. One is called abortive, which is used for immediate pain relief, and the other is called preventive, which is used to reduce the severity and frequency of migraines. Topamax (topiramate) is a preventive medication. If your migraine is not controlled with topamax, (topiramate) you need an abortive medication such as imitrex. You need to go see your doc.
Return to doctor. Headaches are very complex. Make sure the diagnosis is actually correct. It is important to work closely with your doctor and provide feedback on the effectiveness of each treatment. At the same time, it is important to be patient as some medication takes a little time to start working. You are on a preventive medicine. Right now, you need an abortive medicine.

I suffer from migraines and pass out. I am on topamax, (topiramate) and migraine medication.... Any recomendations?

Misdiagnosis? Migraine equivalents that affect the basilar artery system can cause imbalance and incoordination. In addition they can can cause confusion, dysarthria - inability to speak coherently, paresthesias of the face, dizziness, nausea, and double vision. The fact that you pass out warrants further evaluation - is it truly loss of consciousness or simply falling due to incoordination?
Exercise, magnesium. If the MRI and eeg are normal, aerobic exercise, regular low-carb meals, magnesium, coq10, and other supplements can help. Topamax (topiramate) can cause many side effects, including kidney stones in 20%, acidosis with fatigue and malaise, memory difficulties, and many other. Botox is much more effective, much safer, and now is covered by most insurance plans. Read more about alternatives at nyheadache. Com.

Tattu have migraine and she is taking 1 topiramate 25 mg @ night. But still have migraine attack frequently. Should I increase the dose?

Topiramate. The recommended starting dose is 15-25 at night increasing very slowly to a total daily dose 400 mg/day in two divided doses. Ask your doctor about your medication adjusted. All medications can cause serious side effects even over the counter.