Should you use iron supplement to help hair loss?

No. The most recent study failed to find an association between hair loss & low iron. Do not take iron unless your blood tests indicate iron deficiency----not the same as anemia! if you are anemic or iron deficient it is very important to identify the cause. Too much iron in the body is cause for major untoward effects and is difficult to correct.
Only if low in iron. A person may take iron supplements if he or she is deficient in iron. If he is healthy (been evaluated by a primary care doctor); eating a healthy, balanced diet; taking a daily multivitamin + minerals; and has no serious vitamin or iron deficiency; then taking extra iron is unlikely to make any difference in his hair loss. Excessive iron intake can lead to iron overload in the body.
Under Doc direction. While there is evidence that iron deficiency is closely related to hair loss, the inverse is not always true. Your doctor should test your ferritin(iron) levels. Higher levels than normally accepted can help with hair loss but too high levels can be toxic so these supplements should be only taken under the direction of a doctor.

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She is having her hb result 11 and ferretin 14. She suffers now from excessive exhusion and hair loss, stated taking iron supplement wht should be don?

Hair loss. She is anemic . She needs to go on a proper diet rich iniron, like green vegetables and complex cereals. A dietician or nutritionist might be helpful to restore a proper diet. Read more...

I used to feel tired in the morning. I have frontal hair loss. I started taking iron supplement. I feel great now on mornings. How long can I take it?

Iron supplements. Great to hear that you feel great now. The frontal hair lost MAY simply be the beginning of male pattern baldness. See your doc to get your iron level measured and you will know how long to take it or if you need it any longer. Peace and good health. Read more...

If I took too much zinc over a month and experienced hair loss, should I supplement iron?

If iron is low... It is possible that excess zinc can cause low iron which can cause hair loss. In the best of worlds you should have your iron levels checked; if it is low then iron is likely to help. The reason for caution is that iron is a pro-oxidant which can increase risk of heart disease and cancer so you don't want to take it unless you need it! see http://bit.Ly/1a76u8f you can also eat iron-rich foods. Read more...