How dangerous is a ruptured spleen?

Potentially...Very. The spleen is a very vascular organ and, though well protected by the rib cage, is susceptible to blunt trauma. Minor injuries may usually be managed by "watchful waiting", but rupture can lead to life-threatening bleeding. In the past, this meant splenectomy. Nowadays, we can often stop the bleeding nonsurgically by internally closing off the bleeding vessels via interventional radiology.

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How easy is it to get a ruptured spleen? Is it dangerous?

Splenic Trauma. The spleen is a relatively fragile organ but it is tucked away & protected by the left lower rib cage in the abdominal cavity. It takes a pretty strong force to rupture a normal spleen, typically due the ribs breaking in that area (car crash, bad fall). The spleen is very well-vascularized--if the trauma is significant, life-threatening bleeding can occur, requiring emergency rx. Read more...