How common are leaks and complications during gastric sleeve surgery?

About 1% leak rate. Leaks have steadily decreased with experience. Now less than 1%. For our practice, we have learned to stay on liquids 2 weeks and puréed foods for two additional weeks. That lowers gut pressure until fully healed.

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Is it easier to have your baby before you start gastric sleeve surgery?

Baby vs bari surgery. If you are typing this message, I gather you must be obese and trying to lose weight. With obesity, there are problems that can come with pregnancy. After your weight loss, those problems may become a lot less resulting in your pregnancy going better. Read more...

How do gastric band surgery and gastric sleeve surgery differ?

Different type. Gastric band is reversible , where the adjustable ( removable ) device at upper stomach with very small pouch constricts like dumbbell . In gastric sleeve , a tube of stomach is left , rest of stomach is removed . Read more...