How can I get my doctor to listen to me?

Depends. If you find that the relationship with your doctor has never been comfortable or satisfying it may be time to look for another doctor. Not to say that your doctor is bad, but it may be that his personality or mo is not your cup of tea. You may want to ask your friends and family for a recommendation. A patient should always feel that his/her doctor is a trusted partner in one's medical care.

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I have a lot of the symptoms of fibromyalgia how can I get my doctor to listen to me and diagnos me with it so I can get proper treatment?

Talk to him. Make sure you voice your concerns and symptoms. He will do whatever tests are necessary and figure out what you are suffering from. It is essential to be able to communicate openly with your physician.
Fibromyalgia. Sounds like you are investigating your symptoms which is great. Take you information for a physical medicine doctor or a rheumatologist. There is a very specific criteria used to diagnose fibromyalgia. A specific diagnosis is important to guide best treatment. Wish you the best.
Change doctor. 33 yo female bemoans doctor's disregard for fibromyalgia (FM) diagnosis. Many doctors disbelieve in FM disorder because no cause been discovered. Not surprising since FM is not a disease; is "umbrella label" for collection of symptoms common to an array of causes (femaleness, obesity, mechanical injuries, prolonged bed rest due to disease, soft tissue deconditioning, childbirth, hypermobility).

How can I best get my doctor to honestly listen to me?

Communicate. If you dont feel your doctor sits and listens, slow him down for a second and be clear and up front. Communicate your feelings of how you might feel he/she isnt listening and ask if they can take just a couple minutes to listen. Be clear and up front and make it know what you are seeking or expecting.
Patient doc relation. If you are not being heard, choose another doctor! If you don't have a choice, perhaps write a letter in a bullet form regarding your concerns and your questions that you feel are unanswered.