Got a flu shot and now my arm is sore. Is this an allergy?

No. Soreness around the injection site would be a "normal" expected reaction. Ibuprofen, 1-2 doses, 6-8 hours apart should relieve the pain.

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Arm is sore month after flu shot, seems to be muscle related only hurts when I position my arm a certain way. The shot felt different than prev years?

You are not alone. It seems there are many people with similar complaints - especially this year. If it continues or worsens, see you doctor for advice and for the record. Hopefully, it will improve and pass soon. This is certainly longer than expected. Best wishes.

I got a flu shot & pneumonia shot on Wednesday. Onr of my arms is now red, hot, sore & puffy at injection site. The redness has grown to about 4x2.

Flu shot. Sorry to hear about your arm. You must have someone take you to the nearest Emergency facility as soon as possible. If you can, please let me know what lead to your pain and what was done to properly treat it.

I did a flu vaccine and I can't sleep because the arm is sore. What should I do?

Tylenol, (acetaminophen) ice. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever like tylenol (acetaminophen) and right before going to bed apply ice wrapped in a towel on your arm (a bag of frozen peas works well) for about 10 minutes. The pain shouldn't last more than a day or two.
Sore arm. Soreness is not uncommon from any vaccine. You may use advil (ibuprofen) for the discomfort. Sometimes warm soaks will help as well.

Got a flu shot yesterday and my arm is hot and my muscle is sore and weak. Is this normal?

Not for most. When you have what you describe it is usually because you have a sensitivity to something in the vaccine. I would check if the form of the vaccine you took had Latex and or preservative in it. Allergy to eggs could cause this. If just mild inflammation and sore muscle is not unusual. If not allergic to Aleve (naproxen) or the like take this plus cold compresses at the site. Infection is unlikely but possible.

How long is a person's arm sore after a flu shot?

For a short time. After the flu shot, the arm may be sore from the needle entering the body and there maybe heaviness at the injection site. Usually the injection site remains sore for 12-24 hours and then the patient starts to feel more normal.

Why does my arm hurt after I get a flu shot? It feels sore.

Inflammation. Your arm hurts because the injection itself or the flu vaccine injected has produced a low grade inflammatory response and this causes pain. It will pass uneventfully. If it continues or worsens go back and see a doctor.
Expected. Often people will experience soreness in the arm that received the flu shot as the body responds to the foreign material and this is normal as long as it doesn't last for more than a week.