Do you have to go to the hospital after a grand mal epileptic seizure?

Depends. If you've never had one before, you need to go to be evaluated for the cause - with acute serious issues ruled out. If you have a known history, there's no need to go as long as you're not injured during the seizure.

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Can a 16 year old have an abnormal EEG done is hospital but not have epilepsy had 1 positive EEG but never another seizure?

Abnormal EEG. After the seizure, if aeeag is done withing 24 hrs, it is abnormal. Usually the anti seizure meds are not started after just one seizure. If never had a repeat seizure, I would doubt the diagnosis of epilepsy. Consult with a neurologist.

If I have epilepsy which causes grand mal tonic clonic seizures, does that mean I shouldn't have children?

Something to considr. The important issue to consider is what type of medication it takes to keep you safe and what potential effect that might have on your baby. Some of the seizure medications are compatible with pregnancy and have minimal effect on a fetus. Others are somewhat toxic. Confer with your treating physicians to see what your options are.
Not necessarily. Partly depends on the cause of your seizures. Speak to your neurologist to determine if you have an epilepsy syndrome that might be inherited. With that information, you can make a decision. There are medications that can be taken during pregnancy that may control your seizures without endangering a fetus. Your neurologist should have that information.

Have grand mal Epilepsy, have many seizures. Am I damaging my brain each time I have one?

NEED CONTROL. Each seizure, especially generalized event, does cause temporary metabolic change in area of involvement, and repetitive uncontrolled seizures can produce mirror foci, and spread of epileptiform areas. You may very well have more than one variety of seizure at this point. Perplexed as to what medications are being employed, and why you are out of control. Can we help via a Concierge visit?

What is the difference between Epilepsy with Grand Mal Seizures on Awakening and Juveinile Myoclonic Epilepsy?

Different names for. These are different names for Seizures (doctors call it Epilepsy, if the condition is persistent). You should be checked by a neurologist, unless already done.

Is monoclonal epilepsy, tonic clonic seizure, tonic seizure and clonic seizure are the same (grand mal)?

No. Juvenile moloclonal epilepsy is a generalized epilepsy, which occurs in the age group from 12-16yo. Grand mal seizures are usually generalized type of seizures and has two phases. In the tonic phase, loss of conciousness occurs and muscle contraction causes the person to fall down. The clonic phase is the rhythmic contraction of muscles, alternating b/w flexion and relaxation. Thanks.

Want to learn more about mental process of dissociation. Am diagnosed with epilepsy (grand mal and aphasic seizures). MDs seem to know little about?

Seizure. These are all different things. The first is a mental process usually used to remove oneself from feeling during emotional trauma and the others are seizures.
Well, some of us do. (:. Try these websites for good info: http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/diseases-conditions/dissociative-disorders/symptoms-causes/dxc-20269565, & http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/diseases-conditions/dissociative-disorders/symptoms-causes/dxc-20269565.

Could juvenile myoclonic epilepsy symptoms worsen after your first grand mal seizure?

Could. Most folks with jme respond well to modest doses of depakote, but a small percentage have difficult-to-control seizures. It might seem like it gets worse after the first convulsion simply because the convulsions don't come under control.

Is it possible for juvenile myoclonic epilepsy symptoms to worsen after your first grand mal seizure?

Yes. While JME is often fairly easy to treat (80+ percent of cases) there are cases which are terribly difficult to get under control. This may be perceived as worsening after the first identified seizure...which often is the first convulsion.

20 year old had first grand mal seizure 3 months ago. Eeg was done this week and showed spike & wave discharges during light sleep. Is this epilepsy?

Sounds like. It but, you still need to discuss with the neurologist who has all his medical history, results of lab tests and diagnostic studies.
Complex issue. Epilepsy by definition is more than one seizure, and predicts future episodes if not controlled. Statistically, the risk of a future seizure within one year is 60%. The eeg is consistent with risk of future seizures, and I would therefore recommend usage of anti-epileptic meds, and no driving, activities at heights, use of power equipment until stable for at least 6 months.
Could be many things. It's impossible to interpret the eeg without seeing it, so I would wait until you see your doctor for a diagnosis. Yes, this pattern may be seen in a number of epilepsy syndromes.