Can polycystic ovarian syndrome be treated completely?

Cured? No. Can it be cured permanently, so the body functions exactly as normal without medicines? No. Can most abnormalities and symptoms be worked with for a satisfactory heathy quality of life? Yes, mostly.

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Can polycystic ovarian syndrome be treated other than clomid (clomiphene)?

Other options. That depends what you want to treat. To treat the lack of ovulation there is clomid, (clomiphene) letrozole, and possibly metformin. Weight loss with healthy eating (decrease carbs and sweets) plus some exercise can actually reverse pcos. Bcp do a good job to treat irregular periods, hirsutism, acne but the person has to keep taking it.
Yes. There are other medications that are effective for ovulation induction. If pregnancy is not desired - birth control pills are the first line treatment.

What is polycystic ovarian syndrome and how it can be treated?

The hallmark of PCOS. Is irregular ovulation and excess activity of androgens. This usually translates into irregular or absent periods and hair growth where you don't want it, and/or acne. There are other conditions that can mimic it, and they must be ruled out with a thorough examination and laboratory tests. Treatment is hormonal and goal-based.

What is polycystic ovarian syndrome?

Hormone imbalance. Pcos is an imbalance in hormones that can cause irregular periods, acne, excess hair, and infertility. Blood tests can determine if your pcos is from an imbalance in pituitary hormones (lh & fsh), adrenal hormones (dheas), or Insulin resistance. Some doctors recommend a pelvic ultrasound to assess the ovaries to look for cysts.

Can polycystic ovarian syndrome cause?

Insulin resistance. May cause over-secretion of insulin, called Insulin resistance; may cause vascular, early cardiac signs, and hyperandronization (hirsutism, acne and hair, loss), thereby also causing increased appetite for carbohydrates and obesity.

Symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome?

Irregular cycles. .. Most women with pcos have one or more of: irregular periods or no cycles, acne, oily skin, unwanted hair growth especially on the face or lower stomach, infertility or subfertility (difficulty getting pregnant). Some women with pcos have little or no symptoms - we look at symptoms, blood tests and an ultrasound of the ovaries to make the diagnosis. Not all women with pcos have fertility issues.

What to do about polycystic ovarian syndrome?

Weight control. Metformin is a good drug for pcos. Birth control med, Aldactone (spironolactone) can also be used. Best treatment is to keep weight as normal as possible.

How long does polycystic ovarian syndrome last?

Lifetime. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a genetic predisposition, it's progressive and does not resolve itself. On the other hand, symptoms due to pcos may worsen or improve. For some women weight loss improves menstrual irregularity, for example. Some cases of pcos also increase lifetime risk of developing type 2 diabetes, which it seems may be modified with drug treatment.

Characteristics of polycystic ovarian syndrome?

In general. In general, characteristics include irregular or absent menstruation, unwanted male hormone excess like acne or hair growth, weight gain, and little cysts on the ovaries seen on ultrasound scan. I hope this helps!
Metabolic disorder. In addition to the characteristics dr roseff lists, people with pcos are more likely to have Insulin resistance, so may have diabetes or be pre-diabetic. They are more at risk for heart disease due to this as well as a tendency to have high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

What exactly is polycystic ovarian syndrome like?

Insulin and ovaries. Pcos is a manifestation of Insulin resistance, which indicates pre-diabetes or diabetes 2.There are many derangments including those of adrenal androgen, a higher free testosterone, eradication of/or irregular cycles. Hirsuitism and acne increase with these androgens. A woman's cycle becomes annovulatory. Glucophage (metformin) is the preferred treatment of the problem. Clomiphene is used to help ovulation.