Are there any homeopathy solutions for uterus fibroids?

Homeopathy & fibroid. Women with uterine fibroids can often be helped with constitutional homeopathy. A well-trained classical homeopath should explore your entire case to find the single remedy that best matches you; can collaborate with your gyn doctor too. Chronic bleeding may stop fairly soon, but resolution of the actual fibroids can take months to years. See www.Homeopathyusa.Org for physician homeopaths.
No. Homeopathic medicine had its heyday in the 1920s, and it's been downhill ever since. There are no active schools of homeopathy now. The key principle is the law of similars, which proposes that diluted substances can cure diseases. The problem is that the "medicines" are so dilute, they are basically just water (that cost more than gold!) you should probably pursue more conventional treatments.