Girl friend has morning sickness and can't keep anything down she's being sick 5 times a day! Nothing helps?

Talk to doctor. There are many treatments that can help. Sometimes a woman has to be hospitalized if she is losing a lot of weight. If you gets sick 5 times a day but can keep a little down the rest of the time, she will probably be ok without extreme intervention. I would recommend she contact her ob.
Ginger + med eval. I agree w dr. Harris. In the mean time, here some tips. A simple way to reduce nausea is with ginger. You can drink slightly flattened ginger ale or nibble on crystallized ginger. Or pour boiling water over freshly sliced organic ginger & steep x 5 min in a covered pot. Sip. Aromatherapy: sweet orange (citrus sinensis), peitigrain (citrus reticulata)& mandarin (citrus reticulata).