I'm going for a physical soon. I'm a 54 yo woman. What tests should I have done? Should I request hormones & thyroid to be checked? I'm healthy & feel good.

History & physical. A good history, backed up by thorough physical exam, provides doc with clues for conditions that should be given further attention. Providing family & personal histories of illnesses/conditions will further suggest what tests may be needed. If you have specific concerns, voice them to the doc so they may also be addressed. Take list of rx & otc meds & supplements you may take, dosage, & purpose.
Depends upon degree . Testing should be based on findings of history (including risk factors) and physical. Should consider blood pressure, body mass index, heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer, thyroid disease, and risky behaviors ( tobacco, alcohol and recreation). If you are taking medications a chem panel and CBC may be considered. Hormones are not necessary unless suggested by history or exam.