What about melatonine for insomnia secondary to anxiety?

Not so good - see Dr. Anxiety-based insomnia may not respond as well to melatonin as other treatments. It would be better to review your entire situation to get a better idea of how this anxiety is for you. It may be part of depression, which needs specific treatment so you can feel better. Or, you could have a basic anxiety problem which can be helped with therapy & possible other medications. Please see your dr.
Yes, that could help. As amount of melatonine or its derivatives could get affected in insaomnia secondary to anxiety, taking melatinine could help to reduce arousal (anxiety) which makes it difficult for you to fall asleep. Besides melatonine itself, you could effectively use bmt (brain music treatment) http://www.Brainmusictreatment. Com., which naturally increases the amount of melatonine in 4-7times.

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My 13-year-old has insomnia for about a year and a half now she's been taken to counselors and she just got off melatonin, her anxiety has increased?

Medical exam? There may be a need to perform more indepth medical and/or sleep testing for possible physical issues. Have hormones such as thyroid been tested? I think that a sleep study may offer some clues as to sleep patterns and information that could help understand and treat her problem. Does she have nightmares or sleep apnea? Again, sleep studies can "see" those types of things. Read more...
Behavioral therapy. For 13 years old with chronic insomnia for 1 and 1/2 year behavioral therapy is often recommended first. It can include sleep hygiene education, relaxation, biofeedback, stimulus control, Alternative treatments might help such as acupressure, tai chi, yoga and massage. If these measures fail then consult expert for medication. Read more...