Can I drink magnesium citrate? I'm 17 weeks pregnant and constipatef

Try stool softener. It is probably better to try stool softner before resorting to a laxative. Constipation is a very common problem during pregnancy mainly due to increased absorption of water in the intestine caused by hormone induced prolonged transit time (time it takes for food to travel through the intestine). If constipation is not relieved by stool softner, then you could try mild laxative.

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My wife is currently pregnant (6 weeks) and has been constipated for 2 weeks is magnesium citrate safe are is there something better?

Better options. Magnesium citrate is a powerful stimulant laxative that can be rather explosive, so a safer option for simple constipation would be stool softeners (like colace, fiber pills, milk of mag) or miralax, (polyethylene glycol) a kinder, gentler laxative. Always discuss all meds taken during pregnancy with your ob/gyn doctor, as they are used to dealing with this everyday. Read more...

Is it ok to drink a bottle of magnesium citrate from Walgreens once every couple months just to clean yourself out even if not constipated? Good taste

Don't bother. There's really no benefit to intermittently cleaning yourself out like this. You may feel quite good afterwards, but there's no discernible medical benefit, and quite frankly the more intensive forms of cleaning oneself out are rather risky. So, no, I would not advise that you do this. Read more...