My 7yr. Old daughter has fasnadhd. Do kids w FAS have a higher rate than normal kids of gettn ADHD n other emotional/mental disorders?

Yes. Fetal alcohol syndrome is known to be a preventable cause of developmental disabilities, retardation, and physical problems. "behavior problems in FAS are manifold, including unpredictable extreme mood swings, impulsiveness, diminished judgment, attention deficit, lack of normal self-discipline, irresponsibility, and difficulty taking social cues".. (medicinenet.Com).
Yes they do . But it is not hope less we have come so far in the field of neuro science and we know so much still not alot and still long ways to go, but we have amazing people to join us in this in this journey like patrick kennedy , glen close , gen peter c, steve hyman, thomas insel, harvard , stanford, ucla, all capus are putting their egos and coming out of silos and joining hands to think along on platform.
Yes. Children with FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) have a higher rate of adhd, emotional problems, and other behavioral problems than the general population.