Burning after I urinate at tip of penis and foreskin all STD test neg and not UTI feels like a cut inside penis tip had a slit bleeding then it stopped I am uncircumcised?

Area still inflammed. It is likely that the cut/slit is not completely healed and thus every time it is exposed to urine (acidic and salty) burning sensation can occur. Also, inflammation on the inside of your foreskin, i.E, from fungal infection, can cause burning as well. If it is better, you should be ok in few days. If not, consult doc..Likely some topical ointment can be used to help. Good luck.
Retract prepuce. You may have a small inflammatory fissure on your inner prepuce. Retract the prepuce fully or at least enough to expose your meatus each time you void. This should create unobstucted flow from the meatus to the toilet. If you still have problems, seek medical evaluation.

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