5 days after tonsillectomy. Brown, yellow, or green phlegm, possibly pus, that I am hacking up often. No runny nose, worse after sleeping. Normal?

Normal unfun time. It can take a couple of weeks for you to get over it. Use a nasal saline mist hourly while awake if still having a lot of mucous, or at least saline gargles. Ear pain is also common. You may want to chew on gummy candy or gum to see if that loosens up some of the throat muscles spasms. Ask your ENT if they're okay with you using Motrin as that can really help, or if they need to see you back.
Post-tonsillectomy. Scabs from the tonsillectomy wounds slough during days 5-7 following tonsillectomy. It is also normal to bleed a little when they slough. A foul odor is common while healing also. Here is one ENT doctor's instruction page for patients going through this time. Call your doctor if you still have questions, or if you get a high fever. http://ent-surgeon.com/preps/tonsillectomy.htm.