What are the associations between Parkinson's disease and alcohol consumption? Are there compounds in red wine and beer that are helpful in preventing pd?

Parkinson's disease. There is no protective effect from alcohol in parkinson's disease. There is a protective effect from caffeine and cigarette smoking. Obviously, this information perhaps suggests that one of the hundred toxins from cigarette smoking may have neuroprotective properties. This does not keep me from providing smoking cessation counseling to all my patients. For the moment, i just do my morning coffee.
No Associations. Parkinson's is a neuroinflammatory condition affecting the substantia nigra in the brain. A low Dopamine level is common in these patients. Oxidative stress may be a major cause but at present no hard core data is exists. Alcohol in general is not medicinal in these patients and although red wine contains antioxidants and resveratrol, their concentrations are not high enough for protection.