I got bit by a black ant and my foot was covered within minutes with these patchy red lumps. Should I be tested for allergies, if it happens again?

Get checked ASAP. I would get tested right away and not wait for another occourance.
Again? I hope you are getting the current problem treated. An antihistamine would be a good idea as would ice.
Yes. If you were bit by one ant that is a pretty big reaction. I would get tested before you are bit again to make sure you do not have a more severe reaction the next time or at least be prepared in case you do.
Fire ant allergy . Louisiana is prime territory for fire ants. These nasty critters latch on with their jaws then pivot around leaving a circle of stings. Painful & you can develop life-threatening anaphylaxis to the venom. I recommend that you see a board-certified allergist for evaluation. Venom immunotherapy can be life-saving. An Epipen (epinephrine) may also save your life until you get the shots. Not a podiatry problem.