What should I do for an ear infection?

Ear infection. Talk to your pcp to examine & recommend appropriate antibiotic as needed.

Related Questions

What should I do while having an ear infection to speed up the process and minimize pain?

Confirm/ treat. You help yourself by having it confirmed as a treatable form of ear infection (some are viral and self heal).Then you follow the treatment plan and use whatever comfort measures seem to help. Finish all medications even if the discomfort leaves quickly and you feel better after half the meds are taken.

What should I do about ear infections that keep coming back?

Recurrent OM. Recurrent ear infection is treated by low dose prophylactic antibiotics, if fails may need a surgery (tube insertion in tympanic membranes). Thank you.

What should I do about an earache/ear infection without going to the doctor?

Heat. Often kids have some releaf if they put their hurt ear down on a heating pad or compress at a low heat level. The diffuse heat messages going to the brain seem to deminish the ear pain some. If over 6mo I prefer ibuprophen for the discomfort. Sx lasting more than 3 days deserve a doc's review.

What should I do if my baby keeps getting ear infections?

Evaluate Environment. If your baby is truly having recurrent ear infections, it's time to take stock of her environment. Exposure to second hand smoke, daycare, pacifier use, reflux, and delayed immunizations are all risk factors for recurrent ear infections. Additionally, some babies are simply prone to ear infections due to a short eustachian tube. Check with your pediatrician, she may warrant a visit to ent.
Talk to his doctor. See an ENT for frequently recurrent ear infections. Also, make sure your primary care doctor knows, especially if some of them were diagnosed by other doctors, in an er or urgent care center for example. Don't give your baby a bottle of milk or juice to take in bed because this can increase infections. Don't allow any smoking around the baby, since this can, too.
Consider ENT consult. If your baby is having excessive ear infections, talk with your doctor about whether s/he needs to see a pediatric ear, nose, and throat specialist. Be sure to identify risk factors first before your go the route of considering seeing the surgeon about tubes. Be sure to avoid second-hand smoke exposure, prolonged pacifier use, and feeding the baby flat with a bottle.
Be proactive. My mantra is 5 in a year or one that won't clear (90 days) means tubes for the ears. An evaluation by an ENT can help decide the need. Sometimes the muck left behind in the middle ear after treatment is like thick glue and will never fully clear unless they suck it out during the tubing process. There are environmental/allergy issues you can work on, but at some point this is what you need.

What should I do to get rid of an ear infection naturally?

OTITIS. Most ear infections affect the middle ear and heal naturally. In older children and adults, it is now customary not to treat ear infections with antibiotics unless not cured in 3 days. The treatment is tincture of time. To relieve pain, you can take the usual pain killers or your doctor may prescribe anesthetic ear drops.

My 13 month old throws up in his sleep but doesn't wake up he did it twice last night what should I do? Not acting sick but has ear infection on meds

How long? Has this only been happening since the ear infection and antibiotics? If so, may be upset stomach from antibiotics. If this had been going on longer, reflux is a possibility. Either way you should discuss this with your child's doctor.