What could cause the production of watery vaginal discharge?

Several Things. Watery vag discharge can be a normal finding. Discharge can also increase in response to hormones, especially around ovulation, or certain birth control. If you have discharge with an unusual/ unpleasant odor or have other symptoms accompanying the discharge, consult your doctor to screen for certain infections. Persistant watery discharge, rarely, may be due to more abnormal conditions.

Related Questions

What could cause watery vaginal discharge with an odor similar to ammonia?

Bacterial vaginosis. The odor of BV is often described as "fishy". It is a common bacterial infection that is not serious but can be very irritating. See your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

What could the really watery vaginal discharge be?

Depends. Depends on phase of your cycle and/or hormonal status/balance at a given time dr paul singh gyn urologynecologist palo alto.
Vaginal secretions. Clear, watery discharge is normal ; occurs intermittently during the menstrual cycle. It may ^ after exercise. If you have a change in color, texture, odor or amount of vaginal discharge ; problems such as pain, itching burning with urination or sex or redness/swelling then it is best to see your gynecologist for evaluation ; accurate assessment.

What does a watery vaginal discharge mean?

Vaginal discharge. Leukorrhea is a normal vaginal discharge (d/c). D/c is composed of cellular debris, vaginal secretions ; bacteria ; is stimulated by ^ vaginal blood flow ; ^ estrogen. D/c ^ is seen w ovulation (clear/stretchy), clear/watery or white d/c both occur during menstrual cycle.; pregnancy (white/ milky). It can be thin or thick ; white to yellowish. Leukorrhea usually doesn't cause an odor. If you >.

If thr z a odourless watery vaginal discharge 2 weeks after d&c, what is it indicative of?

Inflammatory changes. It is pretty normal to have some discharge for a few weeks after a d and c as the lining of the uterus gets back to normal. You should be having a post op check with your surgeon soon so have them check it out.