Is there anything I can take to increase your body hair growth?

Not really. Body hair growth is largely determined by genetics. Applying rogaine (minoxidil) miight help a little. Taking testosterone would might work but you would have severe side effect, acne, oily skin, deep voice, loss of breast mass, enlarged clitoris, etc. Assuming your are a female as indicated in your profile these would be intolerable. Most women don't want body hair! if you are male, ask again.

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Testosterone level high increase body hair growth?

Maybe but it depends. Testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone (dht), which is androgenic - makes you more masculine. Dht is what stimulates male pattern body hair as well as male pattern baldness. Body & scalp hair also depend upon genetics, such as your family & ethnicity. In other words, if everyone in your family has lots of body hair, you will most likely have lots, too. But so can excess testosterone. Read more...