Is the no.7 glycolic acid peel helpful for the skin?

Doubtful. All acid peels are designed to create a second degree burn, which helps with fine wrinkles. All peels should be done by a physician with experience. Some chemical peels are easy to perform, some require proper timing and removal.

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Is it better to do a glycolic acid peel or microdermabrasion after waiting 7 months after finishing accutane? Its for skin tone and some red scars

Either. Both are superficial skin treatments and Accutane will not effect your healing. Do not do a deep peel or other skin resurfacing for at least a year after accutane.

Does a glycolic acid peel hurt? Is a glycolic acid peel one of those treatments that burn the skin and cause a lot of pain? .

Chemical. Chemical peels involve the use of chemicals to remove the outer layers of the skin. There are several different chemicals used based on the depth of skin removal desired. Discomfort is directly related to the depth of peel. Light peels will have a mild discomfort while deeper peels have a greater degree of intraoperative and postoperative discomfort. Some deep peels are done under sedation for that reason. Talk to the physician who is doing the procedure about your concerns.
Glycolic. Glycolic acid peels vary in strength and this is related to their concentration. Higher strength peels in the 60% range can cause a stinging and burning sensation.

I have used a 50% glycolic acid peel on my dry skin on my face & it's turned cracked & sore. What could I use to heal & get rid of it?

Glycolic peel. In the future, it would be better for you to have a professional do your peel application. At this point, an ointment may help. Otherwise have your skin evaluated by your doctor.

Is the no.7 glycolic acid peel effective in reducing pigmentation marks and blemishes?

Depends. Glycolic acid peels can be beneficial for for reducing pigment by accelerating the exfoliation of the superficial layer of the skin, where some of the pigment and textural irregularities, reside. There a many different concentrations of glycolic and combination peels. Peel procedures are not without risk, so be sure to seek the care of a certified professional for best results.

I am thinking of getting one, so I would like to know how well a glycolic acid peel works?

? Glycolic acid peels must create a second degree burn to see significant results. The result will only be as good as the physician performing it.

Should people with rosacea get a glycolic acid peel? If I have rosacea, am I still considered a candidate for a glycolic acid peel if I have scarring? .

Chemical. Chemical peels are contraindicated in individuals with active skin problems as it will affect healing.
Peel. Rosacea skin is sensitive skin. Therefore caution should be used when a topical Alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid is used as part of a chemical peel. The chemical may induce redness and irritate this type if skin.

Will a salicylic or glycolic acid peel help my keratosis pilaris?

PeelsSkin, all kinds. But does not mean good choice for this skin issue. Skin peels=a skin injury, bad for skin & long-term health, thus only consider for very localized issues. Study: http://emedicine. Medscape. Com/article/1070651-treatment for some overview & optoins along with https://www. Google. Com/search? Q=keratosis%20pilaris, though careful about ads promoting unhealthy & expensive ideas of low or no efficacy.

Is it safe to do a glycolic acid peel 50% under the eyes at home? And will it get rid of the fine lines?

No and yes. Glycolic acid 50% is a strong peel. If you get it too close to eyes you could burn your corneas. I would have it performed in a doctors office under a doctors supervision, it would get rid of the fine lines.