If I wear zinc oxide in the tanning bed on my face, will that help prevent skin cancer?

Avoid tanning . As a dermatologist, i always advocate for sunscreen use to prevent skin cancer. However, even more important than that is avoidance of tanning beds. Sunscreens do not protect you 100%, so much of the uv rays in the tanning bed is stil getting thru. Your tan is a sign that damage has been done to your skin and your skin is trying to protect itself with more pigment. So ditch the tanning bed!
Only on. Your nose. Choosing tanning booth and the vanity of a healthy [?] tan is in fact risky and unhealthy.

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What if I use sunblock in a tanning bed will it help prevent skin cancer?

Not recommended. Tanning bed is bad for you regardless of whether you use a sunblock. Just think about this: 1. Using sunblock in a tanning bed defeats the purpose of going to the tanning bed. (i.e., you won't get a tan with appropriate use of tanning bed). 2. If you do get a tan, then the sunblock is not working well; so the risk of developing skin cancer is still high. So, no tanning bed under any circumstances. Read more...