How long does RSV last?

Varies. Depending upon the type of infection (otitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, etc.), and the immune status of the patient the duration of illness can be highly variable. This is also dependent upon the age, since this is increasingly recognized as a disease of adults as well as children. In symptomatic persons with mild disease a week to 10 days would seem reasonable.

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How long does RSV generally last?

Depends-age/status. Rsv related illness develops within 2-8 days of exposure & may result in minor infection localized to the nose & upper airway or cause significant problems in some move if it moves to the lower airway.The process evolves over a week, with most hospitalized infants saying less than 5 days.Those with lower airway problems ( bronchiolitis) often cough & wheeze for weeks after the germ is gone. Read more...