What are the risks for the patient in undergoing a fetal hemoglobin test?

Blood test. This is just a blood test. The risks are the same for any blood testing, such as bruising and the needle site.
Fetal Hemoglobin. Some patients have a high level of fetal hemoglobin, for a number of potential reasons. The fetal hemoglobin does not cause any problem, but some blood diseases that are important to know, and potentially treat, such as sickle cell anemia, are important. The hemoglobin electrophoresis, the test for most of these issues, will help the hematologist if there is a problem and needs treatment.

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Is hemoglobin test significant to determine iron deficiency in a patient?

Yes. Low hemoglobin, or anemia, is often one of the first indications that someone may be iron deficient. Read more...
No. Hemoglobin level determines if u r anemic. However, simplified, the size of red blood cells (rbc) can be small and mean iron deficiency, or large and mean Folic Acid or B12 deficiency. Causes of iron deficiency is loss of blood (iron molecule is in the rbc), without there being a store of iron in the body for the bone marrow to make more of them. Must be treated. Call doc. Read more...