How can I get rid of the redness in my face?

Lasers. Redness is caused by blood vessels in the face. Shrinking the blood vessels with lasers can help decrease the red appearance. Lasers which treat blood vessels include: ktp, nd:yag, pulsed dye, intense pulsed light (ipl). Sun and meds that increase sensitivity to the sun (ie: retin-a, certain oral antibiotics, accutane) exacerbate redness.

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How can I get rid redness on my face from using toothpaste?

It will heal. Toothpaste haschemicalsthat can every irritating to skin and this is what caused the redness. At this point, just let the area heal. In the. Future remember. That toothpaste should be use do ly on your teeth.
Stop. Toothpaste is not intended for facial application. Wash your face with a mild facial soap; if it fails to resolve after a few days, see your dermatologist.