Does stratera have the same effect as adderal?

No. Stratera is a non-stimulant. It more closely resembles an anti-depressant chemically. Adderall (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine) is a stimulant.
Both FDA approved. Both strattera (atomoxetine) and Adderall are fda approved for the treatment of the inattention or the hyperactivity or both of adhd. Every patient varies in thier response to the specific med and the possible side effects. One's individual response cannot be known for certain. I have found my patients side effects of strattera (atomoxetine) to be milder in general but not always.
No. Adderall chemically works to correct the neurochemical abnormalities of ADHD - low Dopamine and low Nor epinephrin. Strattera (atomoxetine) is related to antidepressants. It is very helpful for anxiety related to aDHD but is not as effective for ADHD as the stimulants.