Can kidney infection symptoms disappear?

Yes, with therapy. Rarely acute pyelonephritis may become symptomatically silent as chronic disease takes over, but generally not without treatment.

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How can you tell you have a kidney infection? I think I may have one. What are the signs/symptoms?

Frequency, fever. Frequency, fever, chill, pain, change in urine color, smell.......At the beginning. Flank pain, nausea, weakness, hematuria, pus in urine, not able to pass urine.......

What are the symptoms of a kidney infection? What can happen if not treated? I think I might have something like that.

Several. One could experience painful urination, frequency, blood in the urine, back pain, feverish, a possible odor to the urine, the feeling of urgency, etc. If the infection was not treated, then it could progress to a more serious infection such as urosepsis, and/or hydronephrosis, etc. Get evaluated and treated best wishes.

I don't want to go to the doctors unless I'm absolutely sure. What are some definite symptoms of kidney infections please?

Kidney infection. Kidney infection (pyelonephritis) generally causes fever, chills and very significant flank pain. One generally feels "sick". Bladder infection (cystitis) rarely causes systemic symptoms. Discomfort in the pelvic area and irritative voiding symptoms are typical.

What are symptoms of a kidney infection?

Can be subtle. The classic back pain with marked tenderness when struck, fever, perhaps chills, discomfort in the bladder and on urinating (the bladder's generally infected and in turn affected the kidney). A physician can often tell from casts in the urine that the kidney is infected, and a kidney infection may require stronger treatment.
Frequency and. .. Burning urination or painful urination. Also, foul urine odor and cloudy urine may be noticed. These are symptoms of bladder infection or urinary tract infection uti. If, in addition, you feel loin pain and /or fever, this suggests a kidney infection.

Symptoms of kidney infection in toddlers?

Talking to Doctors. Fever, pain and blood in the urine. But, in medicine it is always better to not prejudge the diagnosis but to share the exact specific symptoms one is worried about. Your question should be resubmitted with the symptoms that are concerning you or you could bypass the internet and get this sick child to their Pediatrician today.
Unexplained fever. There are no specific symptoms. Fever, vomiting, and loss of appetite are common symptoms associated.