Are there any holistic ways to cure hypothyroidism?

Http://nccih. Nih. Org. The above site is a reputable site that tells you what is proven to work and what is not. Don't pay for any potions your practitioner sells you that haven't been scientifically proven to work.
Adjunct. Please seek evaluation by an endocrinologist. Auricular acupuncture can be used as an adjunct to standard medical treatments. I always recommend that you get the green light by your treating physician before adding in alternative medicine options. Take care.
Not really. Depending on the cause and the degree of decreased thyroid function, holistic approaches can help, but are usually not curative. There are both medications and non-medications that work, but these still involve pills. An iodine deficiency can cause the illness if you don't eat seafood or use any iodized salt. Speak to an endocrinologist before seeking holistic approaches.