What are some of the symptoms of hemochromatosis?

A few. Lack of energy, abdominal pain, memory fog, loss of sex drive, heart flutters, irregular heart beat. When symptoms are associated with hemochromatosis, these usually begin in men in their late 20’s to early 30’s. In women, symptoms usually start about 10-15 years after they stop having a period due to menopause, birth control pills or hysterectomy.
That's moot. Hemochromatosis is able to produce a huge number of different symptoms -- everything that diabetes or liver failure can do, as well as gray-bronzing of the skin or heart rhythm troubles. Pain in the joint at the base of the thumb is famous. It's easily diagnosed on follow-up on the yearly chemistry profile that you get, or a serum ferritin. Talk with your doctor and get checked; it's common.