Who is the topmost retina doctor in texas?

There are many. You can also use the american academy of ophthalmology website, www.Aao.Org; or the american college of surgeons. The major academic institutions in texas as well as some of the larger private groups have skilled retinal surgeons. Personally, i would filter for those who have been in practice for at least 5 years and who are members of retina society, or have the facs designation.
Many. Lots of very good retina surgeons. Use asrs website and interview a few people. Get a sense of how the doctor communicates with you. Also ask local general ophthalmologists and optometrists. They usually have a good idea. Good luck.
Www.asrs.org. It's hard to say, but the above website for the american society of retina specialists is an excellent place to start looking by geography (state). Then you can check each doctor's credentials individually online. Good luck.
For what city? There are excellent retinal surgeons in every mayor city in texas.