What can cause my body to produce low blood sugar and high insulin levels?

Pre or type 2 DM. The most common cause of high Insulin levels and low blood sugars in adults is Insulin resistance/hyperinsulinemia. Those with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes have high Insulin levels to compensate for the body's resistance. However, the body loses its ability to guage how much Insulin one needs and can overshoot to cause low blood sugar. Please discuss with your doctor.
Insulinoma. Insulin is the only hormone that brings your blood sugar down. Your Insulin levels should be very low if your blood sugar is low. If you have low blood sugar and a high Insulin level, then you have something that is producing Insulin abnormally. Ask your doctor to explain!

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I have low blood sugar but my insulin levels are fine. I feel tired and have constant migraines. What do I have?

Not a sugar issue. You do not have diabetes or hypoglycemia. There are a hundred of other possibilities for symptoms of fatigue and migraines to include depression and other mental health issue. Not sure why a twenty year old male would think this was a sugar problem. Read more...