What are some treatments for leukemia?

Chemotherapy . The exact treatment will depend on the type of leukemia. Most leukemias require treatment with chemotherapy. CML is treated with special oral medications directed at the genetic abnormality in the leukemia cells.
Depends on type.... There are many types of leukemia and each have different treatment regimens. Age also plays a factor (adult vs. Pediatric treatment protocols). All is always treated with chemotherapy, and sometimes with radiation therapy and/or bone marrow transplant. AML is similar, but not with radiation. CML can be controlled with oral medication, but sometimes needs a bone marrow transplant.

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What are some treatments for acute myeloid leukemia?

Chemotherapy. Acute myeloid leukemia is treated with chemotherapy. The type of drugs and intensity of the chemotherapy is determined by factors such as the patient's age, other medical problems and prior therapies. Chromosome changes in the leukemia cells can also determine the treatment given. A bone marrow or stem cell transplant is used in some cases. Read more...
See below... First of all, the treatment for any type of leukemia should be coordinated by a hematologist/oncologist. To answer your question, chemotherapy is usually the first line of treatment. There are certain types of chronic leukemia that progress very slowly and do not need treatment initially. After chemo, remission or even cure may be achieved. The next step may be a bone marrow transplant. Read more...