Is it safe for a doctor to prescribe me anesthesia or chloroform since no sleep medicine works?

No. If you have a sleep disorder, you should speak with your pmd and get a thorough evaluation. Anesthesia is only used safely in the hands of trained professionals with the proper equiptment and medications.
Sleep Medicine. Neither safe nor ethical. I am impressed with my peers citing the tragic case with michael jackson.
No. Absolutely not. This can lead to death!
Sleep. I am wondering what makes you ask such a question, i believe the answer would be logical as general anesthesia is used only in operating rooms who would anyone prescribe chloroform in these days unless you are trying to buy it over the internet and get answers from the medical profession.
OMG. Absolutely not! a doctor who does that should have their license taken away!
No. I would look at the national media as to why that is a really bad idea.