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I have a butterfly rash on my face and a positive ANA test. A rheumatologist said he doesn't think it's Lupus. Should I get a second opinion?

It's your right. To have a second opinion, and trust your rheumatologist too, Lupus isn't an easy disease to be confirmed, there are certain criteria for the diagnosis, rheumatologist are expert at such, good luck.

If I have a the butterfly rash on face, is there is possibility that it is lupus?

Could be anything. One of the signs of lupus is a butterfly rash, rosacea may give you a similar rash. Even certain forms of eczema. Get checked and get a diagnosis.
Yes, but maybe not! Facial rashes (malar in lupus, heliotrope rash in dermatomyositis), are common in autoimmune diseases, and these conditions can be documented by getting a reflex-ana. However, I have seen people with benign acne rosacea called lupus. It certainly is much more common and treated with doxycycline.

Is it possible to hav lupus with all syptoms except 'butterfly rash'on face?

Yes. Malar rash not needed for lupus diagnosis but a minimum number of other criteria must be present. A rheumatologist can determine if you have lupus.
Yes. There are other types of skin lesion that can be associated with lupus along with symptoms like joint pain. "Butterfly rash" can also be seen in other types of immunological diseases.
Certainly. The malar rash is one out of 11 diagnostic criteria for SLE with diagnosis likely if > or = 4 of these criteria are well-documented as present at any time in a patient's history. 98% of patients will have a positive ANA or other autoantibodies.

Positive ANA w/1.80h bloodwork ok loosing hair, patches bald, leg tightness, butterfly rash on face, sun reaction, eyelids peeling, no tears, lupus?

Yes. Yes, your situation sounds very much like it could be systemic lupus. Avoid foods with Neu5GC in them (red meat, dairy products) and see a rheumatologist to confirm the diagnosis.
See a doc. A 1:80 Ana is barely abnormal but seeing a rheumatologist for an evaluation would be a good idea - the eval would include a history and examination and possibly some more detailed blood testing to see if anything important is going on.

Bloody urine 4 months. No uti. Bloody noses 2x a week 4 months. Butterfly rash on face. Cold toes fingers. Have ms. Lupus in family. Joint pain/stiff?

Many symptoms. You have many symptoms as described, and it appears a family hx as well of some diseases. You should see a dr. And tell them your symptoms and get lab testing including tests that would check/screen for autoimmune disorders, including lupus. Best wishes.
See below. You may need to see a rheumatologist for an evaluation, but you may also need to see hematologist in light of the nose bleeds and a urologist in the light of the bloody urine. You have several complex symptoms all of which need to be evaluated.
Get re-evaluation. Are you convinced you do have ms, and was the diagnosis confirmed? If so, are you taking an ms medication? Instead, you may well have a mixed collagen vascular disease or lupus, but anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome could present in this fashion. Granted you could possess two disorders, but get this pinned down asap, as more direct treatment needs to be initiated.
2nd opinion. You would probably benefit from an evaluation by an ms specialist and a rheumatologist to determine which or how many autoimmune disorders you may have.
Lupus. 1st thing that came to my mind while reading this is that you may have lupus. You need to see your doctor. The bleeding is of concern. Go asap and good luck to you.

Sed rate of 38, neg ana, hair loss, butterfly rash on face, reg fatigue and uti's, anemia, dysphagia, history miscarriage. Is lupus a poss. With neg ana?

Yes. ANA is just a marker that we look for to screen for lupus. It is not perfect. Just because it is negative does not mean you do not have lupus. Also, just because it is positive does not mean you have it either.