Will the immune system be suppressed by bone marrow biopsy?

No. No, not by biopsy. A biopsy means simply taking a very small sample of the bone marrow. Nothing that is significant enough to suppress immune function in any significant fashion.

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Can you provide some advice for someone who's had a bone marrow biopsy?

The reason for. Biopsy. Bone marrow biopsy is done for a large number of reasons and the follow up care would depend on the diagnosis. As for the site of biopsy, you should leave the bandage on for 3-4 days for the wound to close and may take over the counter pain relief. See this site for more info. Http://www. Mayoclinic. Com/health/bone-marrow-biopsy/my00305.

Can you tell me about a bone marrow biopsy from the chest and what is the experience like?

Outpatient procedure. A bone marrow biopsy, where a piece of bone marrow is removed cannot be done from the chest (sternum). It's too dangerous to do there. Instead, a bone marrow aspirate is done. The skin is cleaned, the area around the breast bone is anesthetized with local. A special needle is inserted into the bone. You will feel pressure from that. A syringe is used to draw blood. It might hurt briefly.

Can you tell me about having a bone marrow biopsy from the chest and what was your experience like?

When the bone. Marrow is sampled from the breast bone only an aspiration can be performed. The bone in this area is not thick enough to perform a biopsy.

How are bone marrow biopsy and chromosome analysis different?

There is big differe. Bone marrow biopsy is done to obtain a pice of tissue to look under the microscope and find out if the blood formation is normal or abnormal. Chromosomes are not visible in the standard bone marrow biopsy. For this we need to culture the blood cells and capture the chromosomes when they are well formed just before the cells divide. This test takes a laboratory which can culture blood cells to see.