How bad is it to use artificial sweeteners?

Define bad! Anything can have side effects, even too much clean water. Artificial sweeteners are just that....Artificial. They don't belong in your body. Stevia is a plant extract that can be used as an "artificial" sweetener that may have less issues. Some people seem to tolerate artificial sweeteners without any problems, others get massive side effects. Choose your poisons carefully!

Related Questions

Why would people use artificial sweeteners?

Too lose weight. And it does not work! More and more studies are showing a correlation between using artificial sweetener and increased weight...They might be making you crave more sweets and food....Just a theory, no proof.

Can I use artificial sweeteners if I'm hypoglycemic?

Yes. But what you really need is consistent intake of a high quality protein. If you take in enough of this you won't get Insulin highs so sugar won't make you drop into the basement.
No. Hypoglycemia is typically a symptom of Insulin resistance, meaning your body is not recognizing or using Insulin well. It often leads to diabetes. Artificial sweeteners fool your body's to make extra Insulin which stores 'sugar' or fuel. If there is no fuel or calories (in the case of artificial sweetened drinks) you will make low blood sugar worse and force your body to compensate by over eat.

How can I get rid of my addiction to sweets without using artificial sweeteners?

Will power. I would suggest substituting healthy foods during cravings, such as raw veggies, protein and complex carbs. Make sure you are tested for diabetes.