How are you supposed to keep asking for help after you already have asked? It's hard to get psychological help.

KEEP SEARCHING. I am unclear as to the issue here exactly. Have you gone for help to a psychiatrist or psychologist or therapist? Is there a barrier to getting to a specialist where you live? Perhaps you need to re frame your question or your expectations and then go from there. So very many possibilities out there for help. There are even groups that meet and may be a different approach to consider.
Keep Trying. You can get help if you need it. Simply pick up the phone, call three psychologists in your area and make an appointment with each one. That way you're sure to find one you like. The key is being persistent and not allowing anything to stand in the way of getting the help you need. You can do it! good luck.
Alternatives. Psychological help does not have to come from a psychologist or psychiatrist only. You can have a therapeutic or healing conversation with just about anyone, including yourself. Think about what you're specifically asking for, or wanting to accomplish. Be specific avoid thinking things like “i want to get better”. Most of us want to be better. It's the journey, not the goal that's important.