Can a person be cured of diabetes?

No. Managed, no cure. At the moment, there is no cure for diabetes, not even bariatric surgery like they are spouting in the news. There is lots to be done to manage it, and people with type 2 dm can often go without meds, but it would still need to be managed with proper diet. Research continues to be done on cures and prevention.
ExcellentTxYesCureNo. Sugar control complex but is sugar, thus ??sugar intake, all forms. Go high fat, moderate protein, extremely ?sugar/carbs, study taubes, attia, lustig. Best carbs: green&yellow above-ground vegetables, but no corn. No processed carbs-health claims mostly bogus. For type ii, victoza (liraglutide) +/- symlin, titrated up by user, not md, can be very helpful. I have seen hba1c ?from >11 to <6.0 in a few months.