Baby of 9 months, sneezing, runny nose, and harder breathing?

Baby URI. Infant's symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, and tachypnea (increased rate of breathing) likely due to viral URI which is very common - especially if they are in daycare or have siblings in school. Now, if baby demonstrates decreased activity level, poor eating/drinking, decreased urine output, retractions (sucking in of chest wall with breaths), blueness, or you are concerned -see your pediatrician.
Maybe bronchiolitis . Your baby may have bronchiolitis. This is caused by a virus often rsv. If you believe that your child is having trouble breathing you should have him or her evaluated by a physician.
See below. It sounds as if your child has a cold, however, if you are concerned that your child is breathing too fast or too hard, then your child needs to be seen.

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2 week baby has runny nose. She ia breathing heavy and sneezing and snorting at times.?

Clear out nose. Newborn infants have to breathe through their noses. So, when their nose is congested with mucus, that mucus needs to be evacuated with a bulb nasal syringe. This typically needs to be done several times a day. If the breathing is still a problem then the infant at this age needs to be seen for evaluation. Read more...
Viral infection. Your baby might caught a viral infection. The Normal Saline drops into the nostrils prior to bulb suctioning would be a great help to thin the mucus and clean up the upper airways. You can do it up to 5-6 x day. Be aware though, that sometimes the virus might spread down into the smallest air pipes and cause the dangerous disease called "bronchiolitis". Than visit to your pediatrician is a must. Read more...

It's been 3 days now my 2 year have really bad runny nose, sneezing and watery eye and breathing through mouth. .. Kindly advice and not able to slee?

Met. I would recommend using nasal saline drops with gentle suction. This will help to reduce post nasal drip and cough. Monitor the temperature and provide adequate hydration. If the cold continues for more than 7 days or worsens, then please see your PCP. Read more...