What are effects of using ginger for digestive problems?

Excellent effects. It is an intestinal spasmolytic & helps eliminate gas from the intestines. It is very beneficial for nausea and motion sickness. It decreases nausea, vomiting, dizziness & clamminess associated with motion sickness. It can also be used for morning sickness & hyperemesis gravidum.

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What are side effects of using ginger for digestive problems?

Ginger. Nausea, heartburn, bloating, alterations in bp/clotting/heart rhythm.
Side effects are not. Common w ginger. However doses > 10, 000 mg (fresh) or > 4, 000 mg (powdered) aren't recommended long-term. Allergic reactions are rare but can include swelling of mouth, tongue, face, throat;rash, itching, hives, difficulty breathing ; chest tightness. It may cause heartburn, bloating, gas, belching, diarrhea ; bad taste. It may effect blood clotting -so consult dr about use w anti-inflammatory >>.