Recommendations for a traveler on how to get a nutritionally balanced gluten-free diet?

Eat whole foods. Shop at stores that sells whole foods and eat at restaurants that are vegetarian and gluten free. Rinse fruits and vegetables carefully, and eat beans, nuts and seeds. Consume wild salmon whenever available.

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I am about to try a gluten free diet, do they put gluten on nutrition labels?

Gluten free. All grocery stores have gluten free isles. You need to avoid all baked products and noodles on regular shelves.
Look at label. You should stick to gluten-free products. In general, meat (not reconstituted), egg, dairy, rice, and corn do not have gluten unless added.

Gluten free diet test, where to get it?

No such thing. The only absolute test for celiac disease is a small bowel biopsy. There are many phony tests and gluten digestion products out there that are not relaible and potentially dangerous. Read from celiac disease foundation at celiac. Org.

Is it possible to still get a celiac diagnosis on the gluten free diet?

Celiac disease. There is no definitive test for celiac disease. The best evidence for the presence of cd comes from an abnormal intestinal biopy (villous atophy that is found to have resolved on repeat biopsy after gluten is avoided). The diagnosis of cd is unlikely if you do not have hla-dq2 or dq8 on genetic testing. 95% of cd sufferers have dq2, 5% usually have dq8.
More difficult. The blood test on a gluten-free diet may yield false -negative results. But if it is still positive, it would be helpful. A small intestine biopsy would be the best bet but may appear normal if you have avoided gluten long enough.

Test positive for celiacs if you have been on a gluten free diet for 2 months? Is it worth it to go back on gluten to get a positive test result?

No. Your celiac problem is not going to go away so why would you want to make yourself sick again? Remember that some people may not totally recover until after several months off gluten product. However if your symptoms do not improve after 3 or 4 months, you need to evaluate the diagnosis or consider another diagnosis since the presence of celiac does not preclude other illnesses.

My tummy hurts after eating. I get the runs & feel nauseated. This has been going on for a year. My overall health is great. I tried gluten free diet?

My tummy hurts. You may possibly have irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) or lactose intolerance. If your runs are related to period of stress it could be ibs. Are you usually uptight? Lactose intolerance can be easily ruled out by eliminating milk and dairy products from the diet for 2 weeks. If this doesn't help see your doctor.
Food intolerance. You may be suffering from food intolerance because of a lack of certain enzymes in your intestines. You may have to go on an elimination diet best administered by a gastroenterologist or allergist. Good luck? Y ou never did tell us what happened when you went on a gluten free fiet.