Liver dysfunction and fungal nail! How to get rid of it! Thanks!?

Laser. If you have liver problems so that you can't take oral antifungal agents, laser is likely your best option.
Nail laser. When a patient presents to my office with fungal nails and liver disfunction. The treatment protocol that I use is such: 1. Cutera nail laser ( 3 treatments monthly) 2. Formula 3 anti fungal topical twice applied to the toes 3. Steri shoe (sterilzer for shoe gear) 4. Anti fungal cream bid to feet if athletes foot is present.
Consider laser. Treatment. It isn't covered by insurance plans, but there's no health risk.
Have them evaluated. There are topical antifungal medications available for the treatment of nail fungus. Specialized lasers are also now available for treatment of fungal nail infections. Have your nails evaluated and get the appropriate treatment.