I am experiencing partial numbness following a root canal?

See your dentist. Numbness of the tooth itself is expected, because the dentist removed the nerve to the tooth. If you are having numbness of the surrounding tissues or the lip, please contact your dentist right away as this could the sign of a significant problem.
Check with doc. Numbness can follow different situations...Check in with your doc. It may be due to swelling in the surrounding area, the syringe piercing a nerve. Or a number of other issues...As long as no nerves were cut, the numbness should fade over time.

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I am experiencing partial facial numbness and drooling following a root canal?

From anesthsia? If you are having these symptoms immediately after the procedure, they are probably due to the anesthetic used for the procedure. Depending on what local anesthetic was used, these symptoms may last from 2-8 hours. If this is occuring days after the procedure, you should return to your dentist to have this evaluated. Read more...
Should resolve. Numbing teeth for dental procedures often results in a portion of the patient's face feeling numb and "droopy". This can take several hours to resolve (sometimes longer), but eventually feeling should return. Contact the treating dentist/endodontist if your symptoms persist. Read more...