How to get fit when I have agoraphobia and anxiety?

Steps 4 Facing Fears. It might help 2 learn about the 5-stage transtheoretical model of change (diclemente & prochaska). These include precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action & maintenance. Consider figuring out and stating out loud what your specific fears are, and then where u are w/ respect 2 facing those fears. Great self-help tools on anxietybc.Org: http://bit.Ly/uqqkwy.
Start at home. Part of the answer is to work with your doctor & a counselor on the anxiety/agoraphobia. But in the meantime you could start exercising at home. There are many exercise dvds on the market that you could use in the privacy of your home. Many don't require the purchase of expensive equipment, etc. And don't forget about the importance of healthy eating while working on getting fit. Good luck!
Face Your Fears. You need to try your best to face your fears head on. Like the old saying- if you fall off a horse, get back on. Otherwise you could remain anxious and fearful. You might try the book: stop obsessing by edna foa. Good luck.