Chest pain--can it be due to heart, gerd, anxiety?

Yes... Chest pain can have many etiologies, some benign and some life-threatening. Etiologies include the ones you listed as well as others including pneumonia, blood clot in lung, malignancy and many others. If present, see a doctor asap so you can be diagnosed and then treated. Treatment depends on proper diagnosis.

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28 yr thin girl. Has pots, anxiety, ehlers danlos hypermobility, gerd. Good echo, ekg. Heart attack chances? Nerve pain l arm, chest pain (maybe gerd)

Before addressing... Risk of heart attack best discussed directly with your physician. Your physician not only has your history but can examine you carefully. Also it is important to share with your doctor any family history of similar issue including heart attack, early death.

I have upper left and right chest pain for months. All heart tests were normal. Can left and right chest pain sensitive to touch also be GERD?

Reproducible pain. Reproducible chest pain is usually thought to be musculoskeletal in nature. It would be very unusual for GERD to cause chest pain reproducible to touch.

Could I have GERD. I have had chest pain on r and l side for over a year. Sensitive 2 touch It is getting worse. I have had all tests to rule out heart?

Mgt. Possible conditions to consider include muscular strain, a rib fracture and tendonitis. Application of heat and Motrin may help. If not an appointment with your PCP is suggested.

I m 27 suffering from GERD les lax, I got severe chest pain in left side near heart I m suffering from extreme pain what can I do?

Get checked. Antacids, proton pump inhibitors would help with GERD, however have you had a scope yet? Please immediately see your doctor or go to the emergency room due to your chest pain!

I have GERD and esophogitis and I had some spicy food today and about 1 hour later I started having bad chest pain on my, left side by my heart? Please

GER diet. Certain foods, activities, medications and conditions that increase pressure in your abdomen can trigger reflux. People with acid reflux should generally avoid carbonated beverages, peppermint, chocolate, spicy foods, wine, and caffeine. GER flare ups can create quite dramatic chest pain.

GERD? Could GERD cause sensitive to touch chest pain on both l & r side of upper chest? All heart tests are normal. No pain in sternum.

Chest pain. GERD can cause chest pain but should not cause reproducible pain with palpation. This sounds more like inflammation of the muscles and cartilage around the ribs, costochondritis. Chest pain should be evaluated by your physician.

Chest pain when I sit a certain way and after I eat I have heart palps. Gerd or heart related? Been to a cardiologist it went good but still curious

Chest pain (CP) If you went to a cardiology he is testing you to ruled heart disease as a cause of cp. Gerd also can give you CP that can mimic a pressure pain like a heart cause. Acid reflux can cause esophageal spasm. Avoid food that cause you heartburn and see a GI doctor to ruled out hiatal hernia and infectious disease like h. Pylori by an endoscopy if indicated.